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Jess & Colin Photoshoot

We have added x4 lovely photos from a shoot with Colin Farrell, if anyone knows who the photographer was, please get in touch!


Winters Tale Interview

We have added x148 screencaps from another interview with Colin and Jess for Winters Tale. You can watch it here.


Personal BS Pics

We have added some private / personal candids found on instagram and twitter of Jess.. stay tuned for some rare pics in this folder ..


Winters Tale Press Conference Photoshoot

We have added x40 photos from the London press conference for Winter’s Tale.


Leaving BBC Radio

Jessica was papped leaving the BBC Studios yesterday, we have added x8 pics to the gallery.


Daybreak Interview

Jessica and Colin appeared on daybreak, we have added x165 screencaps to the gallery and you can watch the lovely interview below:

Winters Tale London Premiere

We have added x144 photographs of the beautiful Jessica Brown Findlay at last nights premiere of Winter’s Tale in London.


Red Carpet Interviews with Jess

Winters Tale Interviews

We have screencapped three  of Jessicas recent interviews for Winters Tale, you can watch them on youtube here , here and here.


New York Times Interview

We have added the copy from Jessica’s interview with New York Times Magazine, there is also a large photo added to the galleries, taken by Nick Briggs for the article (see it here).

Attention, “Downton Abbey” fans: Lady Sybil Crawley is alive and well and living in New York. Or at least someone uncannily like her. In the film “Winter’s Tale,” opening Friday, Jessica Brown Findlay, her ravishing tresses and plummy vowels intact, portrays Beverly Penn, the high-spirited consumptive daughter of an early-20th-century mogul. Colin Farrell plays the thief who breaks into her mansion to steal the silver — and absconds with her heart. And Russell Crowe, rejoining Akiva Goldsman — the writer for “A Beautiful Mind,” making his film directorial debut — is the gangster intent on putting their love asunder.

Lady Sybil’s death, just hours after giving birth to the daughter of a former chauffeur, was one of those moments that viewers find almost unforgivable. But for Ms. Brown Findlay, 24, the decision to leave the series at the height of her popularity wasn’t a difficult one. “It was the right time, the end of a contract, and I just went with my gut,” she recalled.

A teenage ballerina whose career was sidelined by an unsuccessful ankle surgery, Ms. Brown Findlay doesn’t believe in looking back, at least not for long. “I think it’s good to look at what you’ve done and to learn from it,” she said. “But never more than twice.”

In a phone interview from London, fresh from an excursion with her dachshund, John, she spoke with Kathryn Shattuck about her television watching habits and her latest obsession, the trapeze. Following are excerpts from the conversation.

Q. Trapeze training? What on earth for?

A. It’s for the film I’m doing at the moment, “Frankenstein.” I’m doing static trapeze, so you climb a rope and do lots of insane things up very, very high with only one arm or one leg on the bar. When we film it, I’m relying on the fact that there will be a net.

How was working with Colin Farrell and Russell Crowe?

Colin understood on the initial meeting that I was perhaps thinking, “What is happening?” But when we were filming, we were always allowed to do a take where we could just enjoy it and be silly, and that made it very easy to be free with one another. And Russell was just — he’s Russell Crowe. I was standing there the whole time thinking, “You’re Russell Crowe.” I’d love to say there were other thoughts in my head but, really, there weren’t.

You died very beautifully in “Downton Abbey.” Any tricks of the trade?

I tend to find it quite hard not to laugh. Because it’s so serious, something comes across my face like a beaming smile, and I’m like: “No, you’re meant to be dead. Stop it.” It’s quite fun, a dramatic death.

You do so many period pieces. Do you have a fondness for corsets?

It’s all been about going toward where the good stories are. But definitely the next thing I do will not involve a corset. Corsets are sent from the devil.

Filming “Winter’s Tale” in New York, were you recognized from your “Downton” days?

No, not once. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. I think maybe because I was a ginger. I also tend to be rather scruffy, and I suppose if I was to be recognized from “Downton,” I’m often coifed and put in rather a marvelous dress.

Do you watch a lot of television?

I don’t have a telly. So I need to find someone who has Sky [the satellite broadcaster that offers HBO in Britain], make friends with them and then go over to their house only once a week and insist that they don’t talk, so I can watch “Girls.” I just think it’s incredible. I admire Lena Dunham so much.

Maybe HBO can offer you a guest part.

Ah. [Sighs.] Go on. I’d lose my mind. I’d retire. I’d be like: “I’ve made it. I’m done.”