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Jessica dazzled the red carpet after giving birth to two baby boys (see announcement here) and we have so much new things to bring to the fans! First off to celebrate the release of Flatshare she attended Paramount+ premiere alongside the cast and crew, and we finally get a brand new photoshoot also available on our gallery!

003.jpg 004.jpg 007.jpg 017.jpg

003.jpg 007.jpg 018.jpg 025.jpg

Premieres, Special Events and other Appearances > 2022 > DEC 01: The Flatshare Launch Party: Paramount+

Photoshoots > 2022 > Set 01

Soon we expect to bring screencaps from interviews and all six episodes of Flatshare 🙂

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We have updated a brand new category to the gallery, this time, the movie This Beautiful Fantastic which debuts Jessica as Bella Brown. Now, with over 2k screencaps from the full movie, one interview screencaps, 12 posters/ promotional pictures, production stills and even updated the old on set pictures for better resolutions:

0305.jpg 0253.jpg 0725.jpg 0335.jpg

000.jpg 005.jpg 05.jpg 06.jpg

Film Productions > 2017. This Beautiful Fantastic

0008.jpg 0019.jpg 0039.jpg 0064.jpg

Interviews & Talkshows > Movies > This Beautiful Fantastic: Interview #1

Hi everyone!! The site has been through a major backstage change, which is still undergoing, but thankfully the wordpress/ main site part is working in full! The gallery is still going under major changes so bare with us! Through this time, we’ve manage to switch our efforts in getting new and exclusive content (thank you to a donation!) and we will bring that soon as the gallery is up and running into it’s full. We may or may not have a new theme also coming up so I’m hoping you are all excited to see what’s coming soon 🙂

For now, enjoy the first look into Flatshare which premieres on Paramount+ this year, no official date yet announced:

0003.jpg 0015.jpg 0029.jpg 0061.jpg
01.jpg 02.jpg 001.jpg

Television Work > 2022. Flatshare > Trailer #1



We are a little late on posting the 33rd birthday post but better late than never 🙂 And to celebrate, we share a UHQ 2012 shoot of Jessica that we only had in very low quality over the gallery!


Photoshoots > 2012 > Set 08: Glamour UK

We were missing 2 short films to be uploaded on the gallery, now, you can enjoy screencaps, promotional pictures, on set pictures and production stills from Hero from 2018, featuring James Norton, Charles Dance, Harper Gray and Mark Stanley and Onions from 2020 featuring Ziggy Heat and Shaq B. Grant.

017.jpg 082.jpg 004.jpg 01.jpg

Film Productions > 2018. Hero (short)

249.jpg 023.jpg 056.jpg 314.jpg

Film Productions > 2020: Onions (Short)

As expected, Jessica graced the Red Carpet over 3 events on 79th Venice International Film Festival. Firstly, she was caught arriving to The Hanging Sun Photocall wearing a white dress (over 150 photos on the gallery), later that day she attended the premiere of the same movie wearing a beautiful pink gown by Maison Valentino (over 130 photos on the gallery) and attending the closing of the festival wearing a black dress by Maison Rabih Kayrouz (70 pictures available on the gallery).


013.jpg 088.jpg 044.jpg 039.jpg

Premieres, Special Events and other Appearances > 2022

From the pictures we can see Jessica and Ziggy efforts to became parents has finally came to light after several tries of IVF! They are expecting their first child. And we wonder if the pink dress might be a hint to the children’s gender. Let’s wish all the best for this family!