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Jessica stars in Life After Life as Ursula’s aunt Izzie (Isobel) in this fantastic new BBC drama that will premiere tomorrow, April 19th at 9pm.

The story of Ursula Todd, who has an infinite number of chances to live her life.

001.png 001.jpg 001.jpg 006.jpg

Television Work > 2022. Life After Life

You can now find upgraded screencaps to blu-ray quality on the 2014 drama Lullaby. Jessica plays Karen who’s father is dying of cancer and has decided to stop taking his medication and turn off his life support machines. You can also see new posters, production stills and one on set picture that was missing from the gallery:

0002.jpg 0455.jpg 0607.jpg 0874.jpg
lullaby_poster3.jpg lullaby02.jpg 2.JPG 1.jpg

Film Productions > 2014. Lullaby

After going through two days of voting (phase 1 and phase 2) we ended up updating the 2014 movie The Riot Club aka, first production name, Posh, into the gallery! Enjoy Blu-Ray quality screencaps as well as updated production stills from the movie, now available in the gallery:

001-2.jpg riotclub01.jpg 0135.jpg 0303.jpg

 Film Productions > 2014. The Riot Club

We also added some old interviews screencaps of Jessica while promoting the movie which also include two small scenes on set! Also, you may want to check one of my other fansites for co-star Holliday Grainger who also co-stared on The Riot Club. You can also see the interviews separated by interviewer: Film4, LondonLive 1, LondonLive 2, GlamourMagazine, OnDemandEntertainment, MSN, AP and The Fancarpet Extra.

0015.jpg 0030.jpg 092.jpg 0022.jpg  

Interviews & Talkshows > Movies

Aftertaste has finally been released! This horror short movie was created by Chloë Wicks and features Jessica as Moll and Joe Dempsie as Alfie, both main characters.

Moll and Alfie are on the verge of falling in love after a few years of friendship – but she has a secret that threatens not only their budding romance but also his life. A film about intimacy, shame and appetite.

The short film premiered FrightFest on October 23rd, and was featured on London Short Film Festival since yesterday. You can view it below, it has age restriction due to some scenes which you should be aware before watching:

114.jpg 140.jpg 251.jpg 002.jpg

Film Productions > 2022. Aftertaste (Short)

Hi everyone! Let’s keep the gallery updates coming up! 😉 Today is the day to update the 2011 film Albatross as well as the 2014 production for Winter’s Tale.  Albatross was just right in the beginning of Jessica’s career and her performance is on point. Enjoy on our gallery, from both productions, Blu-ray quality Screencaps, promotional stills, posters and new on set pictures from Winter’s Tale.

alb5.png alb2.jpg albatross_jess04.jpg albatross_jess02.jpg
0007.jpg 0487.jpg 1162.jpg 1538.jpg

Film Productions > 2011. Albatross

winteratale_poster4.jpg winters-tale-poster-jessica-brown-findlay.jpg 18.jpg 0001.jpg
0031.jpg 0431.jpg 0703.jpg 0916.jpg

Film Productions > 2014. Winter’s Tale

And to continue with the gallery updates, we finally bring you the Season Three for Harlots! This category is now full and we are sad to say goodbye to Ms. Charlotte! Jessica’s interpretation was spot on and we couldn’t be happier.

000.jpg 003.jpg 3x02-4.jpg 3x03.jpg
0295.jpg 0287.jpg 0429.jpg 0036.jpg

Television Work > 2017. Harlots > Series Three

We previously added to the gallery Harlots Season One, now you can finding on the gallery Season Two! HD Screencaps, episode stills, on set pictures and promotional pictures are now available on the gallery:

006.jpg 2x01.jpg 2x07-9.jpg 2x01.jpg
0027.jpg 0286.jpg 0019.jpg 0234.jpg

Television Work > 2017. Harlots >  Series Two

As a Jessica’s fan 2022 definitely starts off big! Iris Warriors was a movie that was supposed to be released in 2017 (filmed in 2016) and finally has seen the light. This production has been on hold but will finally have it’s release worldwide on April 22nd! For now, here’s the official trailer.

0042.jpg 0059.jpg 0087.jpg 0123.jpg

000.jpg 001.jpg 5.jpg 3.jpg

 Film Productions > 2017. Iris Warriors