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And to continue with the gallery updates, we finally bring you the Season Three for Harlots! This category is now full and we are sad to say goodbye to Ms. Charlotte! Jessica’s interpretation was spot on and we couldn’t be happier.

000.jpg 003.jpg 3x02-4.jpg 3x03.jpg
0295.jpg 0287.jpg 0429.jpg 0036.jpg

Television Work > 2017. Harlots > Series Three

We previously added to the gallery Harlots Season One, now you can finding on the gallery Season Two! HD Screencaps, episode stills, on set pictures and promotional pictures are now available on the gallery:

006.jpg 2x01.jpg 2x07-9.jpg 2x01.jpg
0027.jpg 0286.jpg 0019.jpg 0234.jpg

Television Work > 2017. Harlots >  Series Two

As a Jessica’s fan 2022 definitely starts off big! Iris Warriors was a movie that was supposed to be released in 2017 (filmed in 2016) and finally has seen the light. This production has been on hold but will finally have it’s release worldwide on April 22nd! For now, here’s the official trailer.

0042.jpg 0059.jpg 0087.jpg 0123.jpg

000.jpg 001.jpg 5.jpg 3.jpg

 Film Productions > 2017. Iris Warriors

The gifts keep on coming, today I have upgraded the Black Mirror screencaps to high quality blu-ray screencaps, but, also added HQ versions of the production stills already on the gallery (and removed 3 others that were in, but were actually low quality caps):

0311.jpg 0649.jpg 0847.jpg 0920.jpg

Television Work > 2011. Black Mirror

That’s right! We have updated a full category once again, first it was Appearances which is complete since September, now, December is the month to have all Photoshoots available on our gallery 🙂 Enjoy over 200 photos., from several photoshoots Jessica made through the years, now separated by years, with new outtakes and hi-res versions of already available shoots on the gallery:

002.jpg 001.jpg 020.jpg 01.jpg

GeoffPugh02.jpg 017.jpg 007.jpg 007.jpg


One of the parts I was most excited about was to update the gallery with Harlots where Jess plays Charlotte Wells. For now, enjoy the 1st season screencaps, episode stills and promotional pictures on the gallery. The following seasons will be uploaded soon:

001.jpeg 1x01-9.jpg 1x05.jpg 1x08.jpg

016.jpg 299.jpg 006.jpg 424.jpg

Television Work > 2017. Harlots > Series One

As the first upgrade as your new webmiss I have exchanged the medium quality Misfits screencaps available on the gallery for high quality blu-ray screencaps as well as capped some scenes that were missing over the gallery from both episodes. On the episode stills, I exchanged the first two available on the gallery for uhq versions as well:

0002.jpg 0180.jpg 0227.jpg 0405.jpg
0082.jpg 0271.jpg 0370.jpg 0435.jpg
001.jpg 002.jpg

Television Work > 2009 – 2011. Misfits > s01e06 Screencaps

Television Work > 2009 – 2011. Misfits > s03e08 Screencaps

Television Work > 2009 – 2011. Misfits > Episode Stills

Jessica plays Lea in The Hanging Sun to be released by Sky. The filming started this past month, and the first look has already been released! Enjoy the first two production stills from the movie. According to Alessandro Borghi instagram page, the filming has wrapped yesterday and he shared a few on set pictures! Check them all in out gallery:

001.jpg 002.jpg 001.jpg 005.jpg

Film Productions > 2022 – The Hanging Sun > Promotional Stills

Film Productions > 2022 – The Hanging Sun > On Set

Hi everyone. As one of the updates we were looking forward to offer, we hereby announce that the first category of the gallery is fully updated with over 1000 new pictures and high quality updates of the ones already in the gallery. Enjoy!

009.jpg 16.JPG 4_28629.jpg 2_281729.jpg 

017.jpg 101.jpg 25.jpg 002.jpg

Premieres, Special Events and other Appearances

Our Jessie has been added to the casting list for a new project called The Hanging Sun which will be distributed by Sky Original.

The filming will start this month, September, in Norway, and will be directed by Francesco Carrozini, written by Stefano Bises and as photographer Nicolaj Bruel. Among the main cast is Alessandro Borghi, and Sam Spruell. It is based on the book ‘Midnight Sun’ by Jo Nesbo.

“The Hanging Sun” is a noir thriller set in the rarefied atmosphere of the Norwegian summer where the sun never sets, life and death intertwine, past and present overlap. John (Alessandro Borghi) is on the run. He finds shelter in the thick of the forest, near an isolated village in the far north, where religion dominates, the sun never sets and people seem to belong to another era. Between him and her fate there are only Lea (Jessica Brown Findlay), a woman in trouble but with great strength, and her son Caleb, a curious child with a pure heart. As the midnight sun blurs reality and imagination, John will have to face the tragic past that haunts him.

Director Francesco Carrozzini said: “My first film is a dream come true. The journey to get there was a long one, but I was accompanied by a wonderful group of creatives who love cinema as much as I do”