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Let’s change categories!! It’s time to return to our gallery movies category and this time update the full category of the UK movie England is Mine where Jessica plays Linder Sterling. Find over 500 UHD screencaps, new production stills as well as 3 on set pictures from this movie over our gallery:

002.jpg 0001.jpg 0005.jpg 0010.jpg
0012.jpg 0069.jpg 0303.jpg 0352.jpg

 Film Productions > 2017. England Is Mine



Today, we bring you the full category of The Outcast filled in with the full screencaps from episode 1, which we previously had, in lower quality but there were some scenes of Jessica missing from them, and the episode 2 screencaps freshly added as we didn’t had before! To add on those, we have added exclusive and brand new episode stills and promotional pictures from this 2015 BBC mini series! Follow our  Interviews & Talkshows category for screencaps of the only interview about this show for Good Morning Britain alongside Jessica Barden.

Thank you to our friend J. at Oliver Sensation for allowing us to have such beautiful and high quality screencaps.

002.jpg 1x02-1.jpg 1x02-4.jpg 1x02-5.jpg 

0278.jpg 0409.jpg 0254.jpg 0618.jpg 

Television Work > 2015. The Outcast


Here, you can follow photos taken while doing the interview back in 2015:

02.JPG 10.JPG 13.JPG 11.JPG

Premieres, Special Events and other Appearances > 2015 > JUL 10: Good Morning Britain

0013.jpg 0018.jpg 0042.jpg 0054.jpg

Interviews & Talkshows > TV Series > The Outcast > The Outcast: Good Morning Britain

We have been adding some movies to the gallery we were missing, but it’s time to give TV Series some love!! Find Jamaica INN completely renewed and new pictures added. The screencaps have been switched for HD screencaps as well as some scenes added that the previous admin missed while adding them. Enjoy over 800 screencaps per episode now available on the gallery as well as related pictures:

003.jpg Jamaica-Inn-000.jpg Jamaica-Inn-014-5.jpg Jamaica-Inn-019.jpg

0773.jpg 0534.jpg 0440.jpg 0857.jpg

Television Work > 2014. Jamaica Inn

A new category has been fulfilled and complete! The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society has now been filled with interviews, screencaps, production stills, promotional pictures and on set photos, this makes the category full and available for fans to visit over our gallery! Enjoy Jessica in the role of Elizabeth McKenna.

002.jpg 005.jpg 008.jpg 002.jpg
0151.jpg 0204.jpg 0219.jpg 0244.jpg

Film Productions > 2018 – The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

012.jpg 025.jpg 054.jpg 034.jpg

Interviews & Talkshows > Movies > The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Interviews: HeyUGuys, TheHotCorn, Featurette, APImages, ODE

Even though The Hanging Sun wasn’t heavily promoted, we managed to find a few interviews and combined them all in this post. Join Jessica as Lea in this adaptation on Sky. Some of them aren’t available anymore or changed names, but here is a list of the ones currently available to watch: The Hanging Sun, Backstage; Il Giornale D’Italia; DIRE; Lea; Caleb.

013.jpg 018.jpg 03.jpg 052.jpg

 Interviews & Talkshows > Movies > The Hanging Sun

Also over the gallery added new on set pictures as well as new production stills and promotional pictures from The Hanging Sun! Let’s hope we can have access to the movie soon 😉

002.jpg 008.jpg 016.jpg 017.jpg

Film Productions > 2022. The Hanging Sun

Jessica dazzled the red carpet after giving birth to two baby boys (see announcement here) and we have so much new things to bring to the fans! First off to celebrate the release of Flatshare she attended Paramount+ premiere alongside the cast and crew, and we finally get a brand new photoshoot also available on our gallery!

003.jpg 004.jpg 007.jpg 017.jpg

003.jpg 007.jpg 018.jpg 025.jpg

Premieres, Special Events and other Appearances > 2022 > DEC 01: The Flatshare Launch Party: Paramount+

Photoshoots > 2022 > Set 01

Soon we expect to bring screencaps from interviews and all six episodes of Flatshare 🙂

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