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By Jess • May 15, 2014 • 1 Comment

Jess Brown Findlay can be seen alongside Max Irons, a member of the infamous Riot Club – inspired by Oxford’s real-life Bullingdon Club which counts Prime Minister David Cameron and Mayor of London Boris Johnson among its past members.

Irons stars in The Riot Club – a new film based on Laura Wade’s award-winning stage play Posh – which has released its first full trailer also featuring Douglas Booth (Noah), Freddie Fox (Parade’s End) and The Hunger Games’ Sam Claflin, as well as Downton Abbey’s Jessica Brown-Findlay, Holliday Grainger (Great Expectations) and Game of Thrones actress Natalie Dormer.

Directed by Lone Scherfig (An Eductation) and set at Oxford University (“where rich kids first taste power”), the film charts the course of one riotous evening gone bad for this crop of young, spoilt-rotten students.

The Riot Club will hit Cinemas on September 19th 2014.

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One Response to “The Riot Club (Posh) Trailer is Released”
  1. Beth Says:

    Question: Jessica is the the top-billed female actor on the poster and in the credits to the trailer. Her name appears before Holliday Grainger’s in both cases. So why does Jess appear only briefly in the trailer and have no lines, whereas Grainger is featured in several clips?

    Jess’s character is only one of two female ones in the play Posh, along with Dormer’s who appears briefly. The Grainger character is a girlfriend who doesn’t appear at all in the play and is only mentioned. Yet here she is present at the dinner for some reason and being forcibly kissed (it is Rachel, the waitress/daughter, who is kissed in the play)?

    Since Jessica is billed as the female lead I really hope that she has more to do in the movie than is pictured in the trailer! I like Holliday Grainger but Rachel is an important character in the play, since she is the one serving them throughout that crazy dinner and it is her father who gets punched by Claflin’s.

    It’s frustrating because we aren’t given any hint of the scope of her role here. There is no romantic story in the play at all. It seems like they have added it to make Iron’s character more sympathetic or something, at the expense of the Rachel character.

    Hope we get a few more clips or another trailer at some point to give us a sense of what she will have to do in the film because again, she’s the top-billed female and you’d think they would show more of her in the trailer. I was looking forward to seeing her in it!

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