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Michelle first opened this site in early 2012.

In February 2013, Jessica approached Michelle and asked if we could team up – and she said yes!

I was a late Downton fan. For about a year my mum kept saying “you must watch it, you’ll love it!” so finally, just as season 3 aired in the UK, I borrowed her 1&2 DVD, and 3 weeks later I was hooked. I watched them all pretty much back to back, and quickly became a fan of Jessica BF. I think she has extraordinary talent, she’s naturally stunning, quirky and seems very much down to earth. I really believe she will go far and I wanted to help make a top quality web source available to her fans. 

Me, I’m also called Jess. I live in England with my boyfriend and two cats, I’m pushing 30 and I work as a graphic designer.

In April 2013 we launched a new look to the website, bought the new domain name and filled the gallery with every picture we could find.

2021 update: My name is Ana and I have kindly adopted JBF-Fan! Lets hope you enjoy your stay 🙂

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