Gallery Update: 2015. The Outcast

written by Ana on 23 January 2023

Today, we bring you the full category of The Outcast filled in with the full screencaps from episode 1, which we previously had, in lower quality but there were some scenes of Jessica missing from them, and the episode 2 screencaps freshly added as we didn’t had before! To add on those, we have added exclusive and brand new episode stills and promotional pictures from this 2015 BBC mini series! Follow our  Interviews & Talkshows category for screencaps of the only interview about this show for Good Morning Britain alongside Jessica Barden.

Thank you to our friend J. at Oliver Sensation for allowing us to have such beautiful and high quality screencaps.

002.jpg 1x02-1.jpg 1x02-4.jpg 1x02-5.jpg 

0278.jpg 0409.jpg 0254.jpg 0618.jpg 


Here, you can follow photos taken while doing the interview back in 2015:

02.JPG 10.JPG 13.JPG 11.JPG

0013.jpg 0018.jpg 0042.jpg 0054.jpg

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