Iris Warriors Blu-Ray Screencaps now available in our gallery

written by Ana on 20 June 2023

The last movie category to be updated, that we were missing is the 2017 movie Iris Warriors. Enjoy a little over 300 screencaps from the movie now available in the gallery, as well as new on set pictures, production stills and promotional pictures:

002.jpg 005.jpg 001.jpg 6.jpg

0025.jpg 0233.jpg 0204.jpg 0380.jpg

”Iris Warriors” stuck since 2017 to a 2022 release

written by Ana on 07 January 2022

As a Jessica’s fan 2022 definitely starts off big! Iris Warriors was a movie that was supposed to be released in 2017 (filmed in 2016) and finally has seen the light. This production has been on hold but will finally have it’s release worldwide on April 22nd! For now, here’s the official trailer.

0042.jpg 0059.jpg 0087.jpg 0123.jpg

000.jpg 001.jpg 5.jpg 3.jpg

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