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Hi everyone!! The site has been through a major backstage change, which is still undergoing, but thankfully the wordpress/ main site part is working in full! The gallery is still going under major changes so bare with us! Through this time, we’ve manage to switch our efforts in getting new and exclusive content (thank you to a donation!) and we will bring that soon as the gallery is up and running into it’s full. We may or may not have a new theme also coming up so I’m hoping you are all excited to see what’s coming soon ūüôā

For now, enjoy the first look into Flatshare which premieres on Paramount+ this year, no official date yet announced:

0003.jpg 0015.jpg 0029.jpg 0061.jpg
01.jpg 02.jpg 001.jpg

Television Work > 2022. Flatshare > Trailer #1



Lea has finally been seen on the first sneak peek of¬†The Hanging Sun which will have it’s premiere on Biennale 2022 in September. The movie has the running time of 93 minutes and has Alessandro Borghi, Jessica Brown Findlay, Sam Spruell, Frederick Schmidt, Raphael Vicas, Peter Mullan, Charles Dance as part of the cast.

The movie is about a former employer on the run when a reluctant hitman seeks refuge in an isolated village where he is faced with events that test the true nature of his conscience.

001.jpg 007.jpg 013.jpg 016.jpg

Film Productions > 2022. The Hanging Sun > Sneak Peek #1

Let’s keep the 2020 gallery updates coming while we don’t have no 2022 news! This time, the horror movie¬†The Banishing has Jessica portraying Marianne Forster and tells the story of of the most haunted house in England. Enjoy a little over than 1k screencaps on our gallery as well as updated stills, posters and on set pictures:

001-3.jpg 003.jpg 001.jpg 003.jpg

0273.jpg 1086.jpg 0851.jpg 1378.jpg

Film Productions > 2020. The Banishing

Brave New World¬†was one of the categories on the gallery I was super excited to update as this site was up for adoption along that time. Jessica did an amazing job, and I loved her character as well as the show’s story, aesthetic and content, sadly, it was cancelled by Peacock¬†and it never got a S2. Enjoy Jessica as Lenina with posters & promo pictures, episode stills and screencaps from all 10 episodes over the gallery.

001.jpg 007-6.jpg ep1-003.jpg ep9-004.jpg
0127.jpg 0346.jpg 0455.jpg 0395.jpg

Television Work > 2020. Brave New World

As for the interviews categories, this TV Series was released under a pandemic, so most interviews are via Zoom. See the full list: Get to Know the Cast, Entertainment Tonight, [email protected],¬† BuzzFeed Celeb, On Demand Entertainment, Entertainment Focus, Heatworld, DigitalSpy, Featurette, HeyUGuys, E! Red Carpet & Award Shows, ET Live, Xfinity,¬†Syfy Wire, IGN.

0018.jpg 0019.jpg 0023.jpg 0115.jpg
0023.jpg 0015.jpg 0055.jpg 0019.jpg

Interviews & Talkshows > TV Series

Another day means another gallery update! This time I choose Victor Frankenstein to update over the gallery. I had to delete all HD screencaps and substitute¬† the current a little over 400 screencaps for full 731 Blu-Ray screencaps since the previous update was missing at least three screencapped scenes with Jessica’s character.¬† Also added brand new on set, production stills, promotional pictures and a b-roll footage screencaps to the same movie category:

0095.jpg 0299.jpg 0555.jpg 0725.jpg
001.png victor-frankenstein-08.jpg victor-frankenstein-02-1.jpg 04.jpg

Film Productions > 2015. Victor Frankenstein

And following the same pattern as The Riot Club, I have also added screencaps of Jessica being interviewed for this movie in our Interviews & Talkshows category. You can see the following interviews online: IMDB. Unfortunately I didn’t find any other interview so, for now, only one has been added:

0007.jpg 0008.jpg 0033.jpg 0108.jpg

Interviews & Talkshows > Movies