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By Ana • April 12, 2013 • 0 Comments

We have added x426 screencaps of Jessica in e4’s “Misfits”  from 2008 and 2011 check them out here.

Jessica played Rachel, the head of the recently established ‘Virtue’ organisation at the community center, possesses the storm-based power of suggestion, specifically able to influence others to become what she deems ‘perfect’ youths. Her power requires the subject to hear what she is saying, causing their transformation when she speaks to them. Nathan takes her hostage on the community center roof using a gun. He demands she undo her influence but she says she doesn’t know how or if she can. She realises his gun is actually a water pistol, and in the ensuing brawl they fall to their deaths, ending her influence. Rachel returns as a spirit with unfinished business. She thinks doing anything she missed out on in life would help her find peace and move on. When this fails, she seeks revenge, and kills Alisha, thus allowing her to move on.

If you missed Jessica’s guest appearance in this show, you can watch “Misfits” on 4OD or Netflix.


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